About Us


Aligned with the mission of Treasure of the Valley, Treasure Nampa will make an impact on our community for Christ through praying, caring and sharing.

  • Prayer: for the community, in the community and with the community.
  • Care: acts of mercy for individuals and service projects using collaborative teams.
  • Share: reaching out to all individuals in the community who may not have experienced the loving and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

Treasure Nampa is a collaboration of church leaders and Christian business leaders with a heart for bringing positive change through Christ to the city of Nampa. It is under the covering of Treasure the Valley, a 501(c)3 organization which is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of pastors, community and business representatives, as well as serving ministries (www.treasurethevalley.com).

What We Do

We ENCOURAGE leaders from congregations, serving ministries and the marketplace, and all believers to fulfill our common responsibility to pray for, care for and share the Gospel of Christ with the people of Nampa.

We GATHER leaders together to share stories and lessons of what we’ve learned and accomplished.

We PROMOTE the vision of having a community where the people are prayed and cared for and where the Gospel of Christ is shared.

Treasure Nampa will also use the seven areas of culture (Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media, and Religion) to influence our city. By identifying where our influence lies in each of these areas, we can effectively bring about positive change in our city that is rooted in the Godly values that make up our faith.

Why We Do It

“We believe as the culture of the Church changes into a prayer-care-share lifestyle, this will have a direct impact on individuals coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and to see the City of Nampa transformed into a healthy reflection of the Kingdom of God.”

Leadership Team